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Length & Thickness for Brides

A wedding isn’t just any day, it’s the day! Let us be part of your special journey of becoming a beautiful bride.. At Judena Hair, many brides come to us looking for long luscious locks for their wedding day. We offer a range of hair extensions to suit your...


Learn how to blow dry your own hair like a pro! This month was the launch of our in salon workshop nights, and the girls loved it! We will be running a series of these evenings throughout the year to help our clients re-create all the best...

Blog Post: Fact or Fiction

Fact or fiction?

    Here are 7 commonly believed myths about your hair Everyone’s got their pet peeves when it comes to their hair, and their little “superstitions” and beliefs as well. But when it comes to our precious locks, how much of what we believe is real, and how much of...