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ON TREND our signature looks this season

ON TREND our signature looks this season


Balayage originating from the French word meaning to ‘sweep‘ or to ‘paint’. The end result is a natural looking highlighted colour – similar to what our natural hair would do in the sun although enhanced with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. Less is more when creating soft, natural looks.
Balayage is applied in various ways, using meches, freehand painting & paddles. The great thing is the creativity and personalisation of applying this technique, the idea is that the end result is blended.

Intermediate stylist $150 | Master stylist $210


‘Ombre’ again from the french word meaning “shaded or shading”. Ombre hair colour is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends.
It is not as blended as Balayage, it is a more defined bolder look and contrast of colour or levels.
Another formation is ‘Sombre” which means a softer Ombre the levels of contrast are less noticeable with a Sombre.

Intermediate stylist $150 | Master stylist $210


Foiliage is a new colour method, the birth of the hybrid between Foils and Balayage, by combining fine baby light foils around the parting and hairline of the hair and freehand painting balayage on the ends of the hair you can enjoy brightness and softness around the face and when the hair is tied up and a natural balayage result on the mid length to ends.

Intermediate stylist $105 | Master stylist $170

sunkissed oilSUNKISSED OIL

Sunkissed Oil is an ammonia free lightening oil that has the ability to lighten natural hair up to 2 shades, its a great introduction to colour and looks exactly what it says its sun kissed if you like how your hair looks in the summer this will give you that summer glow all year round.

Intermediate stylist $90 | Master stylist $120


To tone different zones of the hair with different shades of colour, when it comes to highlighting hair techniques the toner is the most important thing, once you have highlighted the hair to the level of lightness you desire the toner then adds the hue and tone that you want to visually see to personalise the colour to suit your skin tone and eye colour.

Intermediate stylist $30 | Master stylist $50